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Turkey: Russian S-400s will be deployed in December

Declared by the Turkish undersecretary for defense Ismail Demir

Today, on September 20, Turkish Defense Undersecretary Ismail Demir stated that deliveries to Turkey of the Russian S-400 air defense missile system are almost complete, will be installed starting in December but will only be fully operational in April. "The fact that it is ready does not mean that it is also ready for use, because there are many technical issues still to be addressed, including the training of our personnel and the integration of some aircraft into the system", Demir declared it to the "CNN ".

Turkey had tried to negotiate an agreement with the United States to purchase the "American Patriot" ground-to-air missile systems but Washington did not allow the pact to take place, which prompted Ankara to sign a contract with Moscow to guarantee national security.

In 2017, Russia signed a contract worth 2.5 billion dollars for the supply of two S-400 battalions to Turkey and the first tranche was delivered on 12 July (see AVIONEWS).

Washington and NATO have repeatedly tried to prevent Turkey from buying from the Russians, also taking into consideration the imposition of sanctions.

The S-400 was designed as a weapon system capable of intercepting and hitting warplanes and ballistic and cruise missiles flying at speeds of up to 17,000 km per hour. The system can identify up to 80 targets simultaneously in the new versions in a range of 30 to 400 km.

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