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Who we are

Since year 2000 our editorial staff manages to produce everyday news, discussions, and TV reports about aeronautics world: air transport, helicopters, airplanes, defense, security, aerospace in Italian and English languages with an over 30 categories of classification for a complete coverage of the aerospace, civil, defense and industry sectors. Avionews worked with authoritativeness in the last years and gained respect and appreciation from several aerospace companies; institutes, airport management holdings, sector associations and not-specialist press.

Whoever relies on AVIONEWS information services is choosing its specifity on the topics it handles, with obvious advantages in terms of costs and efficiency. Making use of any not-specialist press agency means to face extremely high costs, to be forced to filter the news the reader is looking for among the remaining ones related to any other fields by wasting time. It means to give up to descriptions and analyses of facts or news that are strongly based on technical, precise and reliable competencies.

Everything is reported as neutral and transparent as possible, but in clear and comprehensible way so that the reader, may he be just the audience or a leader in that field, can draw his own conclusions or reflections about what happens in the worldwide aviation and defense, since AVIONEWS is political or industrial prejudice free. AVIONEWS is an evolving press agency based on a concept that makes it open and up-to-date in order to face its readers’ needs.

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You can contact the Rome AVIONEWS drafting at +39 06 8786 0151 from Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm

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