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SecurityMicrosoft on virus Wannacry: cybersecurity is a shared responsibility of tech sector, customers and governments

Rome, Italy - For the President of the company Brad Smith the cyber attack that from Friday hit more than 200.000 computers shall be a wake-up call for everybody

After the cyber-attack that starting from last Friday brought down computer systems worldwide, with more than 200.000 devices -among which hospitals, businesses, governments and home computers- being affected... more

SecurityG7 in Italy, aircraft and transport. Border controls will be reactivated from May 10th to 30th, waiting time at airports may be longer – SPECIALS AVIONEWS

Rome, Italy - To ensure security on the occasion of the meeting in Taormina at the end of May, Italy will suspend for three weeks the freedom of movement to and from the Schengen area

The day when controls at Italian borders will be temporarily reactivated is coming closer. From 10th to 30th of May, Italy will suspend the ordinary regime of freedom of movement within the Schengen area... more

SecurityPlanes and security checks. Leak at "JFK" in New York: 11 people get into the airport without being screened

New York, USA - The authority who had to check the passengers let them slip away and warned law enforcement two hours later. No problem, but what would happen if that wasn't the case?

On Monday morning at Terminal 5 of the "John Fitzgerald Kennedy" airport in New York at around 6:00 am (local time) 11 people went through the gates for the security screenings of passengers and boarded... more