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CuriositiesCommercial airplanes without pilots, the reluctance of passengers and the savings for the airlines

Rome, Italy - A recent analysis highlights the economic benefits for the industry and the fact that the current aversion of customers could change in the future

Pilotless airplanes "could bring material benefits": to say that is a study that was published on Monday by the Swiss bank UBS which estimated a global saving for the carriers of about 35 billion dollars... more

CuriositiesPlanes and elegance. United Airlines struggles with the question of leggings

Denver, USA - Two young girls obliged to get changed: their clothing did not comply with regulation. Suddenly there was bedlam: disputes on social media. The airline replies: leggings are welcome

United Airlines was obliged to make itself clear to defend from the disputes which started after that two young girls had to change their clothes to be allowed boarding an aircraft from the airline. Yesterday... more