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DiscussionsPlanes, helicopters and UAVs. Resources for NASA are reconfirmed in Trump's budget proposal for 2018. US Defense contractors are favored

Washington, USA - Military expenses would increase by 53 billion dollars (+9%) respect to 2017, drastical cuts on agricolture, environment and health. Concerns also among Republican Party

More resources for planes, helicopters, UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) and other devices for defence were arranged by the government of the US President Donald Trump in the 2018 budget proposal which was... more

DiscussionsEurofighter airplanes: Austrian Defence files criminal complaint against two Airbus companies, and Airbus answers -VIDEO and SPECIALS by AVIONEWS

Vienna, Austria - The Republic of Austria demands for damages. Airbus and Leonardo (in Eurofighter through Alenia Aermacchi) titles at SE in decrease

The Austrian Federal Ministry of Defence and Sports (FMDS) has filed a criminal complaint with the Vienna Office of Public Prosecutions last Thursday against Airbus Defence and Space GmbH (formerly EADS... more

DiscussionsErdogan-Renzi-Mogherini. Crisis Turkey-Italy-EU: a tit for tat caused by "A dirty story"; in the middle of that a rich scion...

Rome, Italy - Probably those who accuse do not know about the inquiries made by the Magistrature of a "Rule of law" even on the son of a President

With reference to the statements made by Turkish President Erdogan, the Farnesina underlines that Italy abides by the rule of law and the autonomy of the Judiciary is fully respected. “The Judiciary t... more

DiscussionsBrexit, the choice has been made. GB out of Europe: which consequences for the interests of the Italian industry (read Leonardo-Finmeccanica)?

Rome, Italy - Nearly 52% voted to "Leave". Moretti at "Financial Times": the businesses of AgustaWestland and Selex will be impeded

The referendum on the UK's adhesion to EU took place yesterday brought to a final result. According to 100% of the votes counted, the majority (nearly 52%) equals to 17.410.742 decided to "Leave" the... more