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SecurityWaterquake in the South-East Asia: restricted negative effects for air traffic according to Indian Airlines

New Dheli, India - The Indian carrier would have found some difficulty only towards destinations such as Phuket and Colombo but not to Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok

Indian Airlines performed its first estimate about the effects that the Indian air transport is forced to face following the disaster recently affecting several countries in the Indian Ocean area. According... more

SecurityWaterquake in the South-East Asia: more than 2200 victims and 6100 missing people among the foreigners in Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand - It would have been unveiled by Thai Government and many European countries would appear to fear such figures are not far off the truth

Thai Government unveiled recently that the number of casualties among the foreign tourists in the country following the seaquake is likely to be a large one and for more than 2200 persons, while the missing... more