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SecurityPlanes and security checks. Leak at "JFK" in New York: 11 people get into the airport without being screened

New York, USA - The authority who had to check the passengers let them slip away and warned law enforcement two hours later. No problem, but what would happen if that wasn't the case?

On Monday morning at Terminal 5 of the "John Fitzgerald Kennedy" airport in New York at around 6:00 am (local time) 11 people went through the gates for the security screenings of passengers and boarded... more

SecurityDOT proposes rule to protect airline passengers from being unwillingly exposed to voice calls on aircraft

Washington, Usa - Currently, the Federal Communications Commission’s rules prohibit the use of mobile devices on certain radio frequencies onboard airplanes, voice calls included

The US Department of Transportation (DOT) announced its proposal to require airlines and ticket agents to disclose in advance to consumers if the carrier operating their flight allows passengers to make... more