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Russia would have foiled the theft of a plane

At the center of the action in Kiev is a Tupolev TU-22M3 nuclear bomber

Ukraine reportedly tried in vain to recruit a Russian military pilot to steal a strategic bomber from Moscow. This was announced today by the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation, better known as the FSB (Federal Security Service). These are the Kremlin's intelligence services. The attempt by Kiev, according to these rumors, was foiled through the intervention of the secret services.

"The special services of NATO countries" were involved in the "preparation and implementation" of this plan to steal "a Tupolev TU-22M3 strategic bomber". "Ukrainian intelligence intended to recruit a Russian military pilot, in exchange for a financial reward and Italian citizenship, to induce him to transfer and land the strategic bomber in Ukraine", reads a statement from the Federal Security Service. 

The Tupolev TU-22M is an aircraft capable of carrying out nuclear and conventional strikes over long distances. According to the Russian state news agency "Tass", which cites an FSB video, the Russian military pilot lured by Kiev received an offer of three million dollars for the hijacking of the nuclear-capable strategic bomber.

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