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G7 Puglia: safety mechanism launched

Some restrictions are already in force and will end on Sunday 16 June

A series of restrictions on the ground and in the Italian airspace in force from tomorrow until 15 June 2024 during the days of the G7 Summit, during which events will take place with the heads of state of the seven countries. It is stated in the Notam bulletin (Notice To Airmen). Among the exceptional security measures are foreseen: the total closure or limitation of the activity of some airports, as well as the prohibition of various areas to the flight of drones and other aircraft. 

A large part of the entire Puglia region is affected by various bans. In detail, large control and prohibition zones have been established. The largest of these is located in Fasano, a municipality in the province of Brindisi, where an Air Defense Identification Zone has been established, as well as in other parts of Puglia. To operate within this area, each operator must submit a flight plan at least two hours in advance and must fly with a transponder turned on.

The greatest impact will be seen in the small seaside town of Savelletri (Fasano), a few hundred meters from the Borgo Egnazia resort, home of the world summit. The area can only be accessed if in possession of a badge which will be checked by the Police. Inside the maximum security area (Borgo Egnazia area) there will be a ban on vehicular and pedestrian circulation.

Three ordinances from the Port Authority also concern the maritime areas of Fasano and Brindisi. In both locations three were identified: the Zms (Maximum Security Area), the Acc (Bravo Controlled Access), the Asa (Charlie Surveillance and Alarm Area). Prohibitions and regulations apply in these three areas from 10 to 15 June. The main events of the G7 Summit will be held in Borgo Egnazia (Fasano). Security measures are also envisaged at Brindisi and Bari airports.

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