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Russia-Belarus agreement on nuclear exercises

The two countries will conduct joint military tests of new weapons

Belarus will take part in the second phase of Russian military exercises involving training using tactical nuclear weapons. It was declared today, Monday 10 June 2024, by the leaders of the country's armed forces led by President Alexander Lukashenko. The Moscow tests were ordered in recent weeks by President Vladimir Putin

The exercises represent a proactive measure to "increase our readiness to use so-called weapons of deterrence". "Now more than ever we are determined to respond to any threats posed both to our country and to the state of the Union" between Russia and Belarus. "We do not aim to create any tension on regional security issues. We do not project any relevant military threats onto third countries or anyone else", said Belarusian Defense Minister Lieutenant General Viktor Khrenin.

The first phase of the drills took place last month in southern Russia, in what military analysts said was a warning sign from Putin to dissuade the West, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the European Union. European Union from entering deeper into the war against Ukraine.

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