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Risk of mass strike for American flight attendants

Union asks for 33% more salary, company offers half

Immediate salary increases of +17% and greater participation in the financial profits accrued by the company. This is the offer that the US airline American Airlines made to its flight attendants. Proposal rejected. The workers were demanding contract renewals with better working conditions and benefits starting from the current year. The Association of Professional Flight Attendants (Apfa) union is threatening to strike if no agreement is reached.

"Significant progress has been made" in contract negotiations but there is "still a lot of work to do". In any case "we are committed to reaching a new agreement and now is the time to do it", declared Robert Isom, CEO of the American airline, in recent hours.

The negotiations, which began in January 2020, were suspended due to the pandemic. Talks then resumed in June 2021. The Apfa union has asked workers to prepare for a strike if the negotiations do not produce a satisfactory agreement by the end of June. Among the main requests: an immediate salary increase of 33%, to compensate for wages that have been frozen for five years.

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