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Ukrainian war, Italy: "Negotiate with Putin"

Crosetto (Defense): "We can only resolve this crisis by involving all the countries"

To end the war in Ukraine, the West should make more to negotiate a diplomatic solution with Russian President Vladimir Putin. An idea supported by the Italian Government, which has underlined how the economic sanctions against Moscow have failed, because they would have hindered the peace process between Kiev and the Kremlin.

"If we can't tax the giants of the web, how do we think we can economically stop those states, like Russia, which also trade with the entire globe in which the West is now a small part?". "The sanctions are the result of the fact that we are still stuck in the idea that the world is our world. Instead the world is much bigger and we can resolve this crisis only by involving everyone: first with a truce and then with peace", said the Italian Defense Minister, Guido Crosetto, interviewed by the Italian newspaper "Il Messaggero".

Although the Russian president has never shown any willingness to negotiate, the Italian minister reiterated that this "is a good reason to commit ourselves more. We must not give up on every possible path and opening, even narrow ones, of diplomacy". However, Italy will continue to supply weapons to Ukraine, to obtain "the time and conditions to reach a truce and peace".

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