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Saab will build an arms factory in the US

It will produce close combat weapons and ammunition for the US Army

The Swedish Saab Group (Svenska Aeroplan AktieBolaget), which also operates in the aviation and defense sectors, has announced that it plans to build a new plant in the United States for the production of weapons systems. The goal is to increase feature manufacturing capacity and strengthen the global supply chain. Work will start by the end of 2024 to start production in 2026.

The new factory will support the development of engineering technologies and the production of missile systems for the US military. This includes the creation of weapons for close combat and components for the GLSDB (Ground Launched Small Diameter Bomb) system, which is a system that allows the launch of GBU-39 small diameter bombs produced by Boeing.

This move is the result of an agreement signed in 2019 between the US Department of Defense and Saab. The agreement involves the purchase of AT4 shoulder-fired anti-tank rocket launcher systems and Carl-Gustaf and rocket launchers with related ammunition, all produced by the Swedish company. The value of the deal is approximately 422 million dollars.

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