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Italian Naples Airport: noise issue in Brussels

Rosa D'Amato (Greens) will submit two Parliamentary questions to the European Commission

Member of European Parliament Rosa D'Amato (Greens) announced the submission of two Parliamentary questions to the European Commission on airport noise pollution: one concerns citizens who live near the airport grounds and those affected by overflights departing and arriving at the international airport "Ugo Niutta" of Naples-Capodichino; the other concerns the general security situation in Italian airports. 

"In 2015 there were 52,000 aircraft movements recorded in Capodichino. Last year they reached 90,000. An exponential increase, almost a doubling, which brings with it economic consequences, of course, but at the same time generates heavy limits to the quality of daily life of the tens of thousands of Neapolitans who live close to the airport", recently explained the "No-Fly Zone" Naples committee. 

In this regard, D'Amato underlines that "the citizens' reasons are objective and sacrosanct. Safety and quality of life, therefore, are decreasing. It is no coincidence that the committee has already asked the Italian Government to reintroduce the Grazzanise airport into the Plan national airports, to lighten the current traffic at Capodichino. Flying at low altitude, apart from the constant danger, severely limits daily and ordinary domestic activities, such as talking on the telephone, conversing, studying, listening to television or radio", from 6am to 11pm.

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