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Israel: new blitz in Gaza

Palestinian factions and Iranian delegation in Moscow to ask for "ceasefire"

Israeli forces have entered the Gaza Strip for the third time in 24 hours. It happened last night. Tanks and soldiers, with the support of Air Force aircraft. It was announced by a military spokesperson from Tel Aviv, according to whom positions of the Hamas militias, which control the area, were hit. After the blitz, the Israeli army left the attacked area, returning to Israeli territory.

"Without a truce, it is impossible to release hostages. Hundreds of citizens and dozens of militants from various Palestinian factions entered the territories occupied in 1948 and captured dozens of people, most of them civilians, and we need time to find them in the Gaza Strip", explained Abu Hamid, member of the Hamas delegation that arrived in Moscow yesterday.

Moussa Abu Marzouk, head of a delegation from Iran's foreign ministry, also went to Russia: the aim is to speak with "the key players, to resolve the crisis as soon as possible". The Kremlin has made it known that a visit from Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, who controls the West Bank territories, is also imminent.

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