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Israel determined to enter Gaza

Egypt opens its borders to send humanitarian aid and welcome Palestinian refugees

Israel's armed forces will attack Gaza following the exodus of Palestinians from the northern part of the Strip to the south. Meanwhile, the Egyptian government opened the Rafah passage on the border between Egypt and Gaza this morning at 9:00 am to allow refugees to leave the territory, thus avoiding possible carnage. In fact, this is what Middle East experts expect in the event of an attack from Tel Aviv.

The confirmation that Tel Aviv will carry out the military operation came in the last few hours through the office of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: ''For the moment there is no ceasefire, nor the entry of humanitarian aid into Gaza in exchange for escape of foreign citizens''.

The opening of the Rafah passage, local sources report, will allow the Red Crescent to introduce humanitarian aid (medicines, blankets, mattresses, drinking water) into the Gaza Strip and allow foreign citizens and Palestinians with dual nationality to leave. In the last few hours on the Egyptian side, the barriers blocking the passage to the border have been removed.

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