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Israel: AH-64 Apache helicopters in action

Aircraft deployed to fight Hamas militants

Tension continues in the Middle East. After the hail of missiles launched by the Palestinians against Israel, Tel Aviv's harsh response does not stop. In the early hours, the government led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had put the country in a state of war and dozens of fighter planes flew over and bombed the Gaza Strip. Israeli Boeing AH-64 Apache helicopters actively participating in the offensive were also spotted.

The Israeli Air Force is relentlessly carrying out air strikes against Hamas in Gaza. Videos are multiplying on social networks showing Israeli AH-64 Apache attack helicopters using 30 mm machine guns and Hellfire missiles against alleged outposts of Palestinian militiamen.

According to military analysts, the Israeli aircraft are part of the fleet of Apache helicopters stationed at the Ramon air base, in the Negev desert, where the 113th Seraph Squadron (which operates AH-64D rotary wing aircraft) and the 190th Squadron are based. Peten (operating Boeing AH-64A). Tel Aviv explained that the military operation is targeting weapons depots, production sites, as well as Hamas command and control centers.

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