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"Nato Tiger Meet" 2023 towards conclusion

General Biavati: "The Gioia del Colle base provides security and is capable of withstanding great effort"

The international military exercise "Nato Tiger Meet" 2023 is nearing its conclusion. It is one of the most important and complex training missions of the Atlantic Alliance, which began last 2 October at the "Antonio Ramirez" airport in Gioia del Colle, where the 36th Wing of the Italian Air Force (AMI) is based, and which will end on Friday 13 October.

The "Gioia" airport has always been and will be a leading base. Amendola, which was a little less so in the past, has become so now: it is no coincidence that it was the first base to have F-35 aircraft. When you invest" in a base in terms of "a new technology, a new world, a new way of seeing operations on a base, it is because that base provides security for the future and above all is already capable of supporting an effort of the genre. And Amendola supported him in an exceptional way", declared the commander of the Air Force, General Alberto Biavati.

To date "no Wing with the Tiger has had an F-35 which is the aircraft of the present and that of the future. Now all the Nations -he added- are going in that direction, also because we have nothing else on the market I think that, regardless of the operational choices that are made as to who assigns one aircraft instead of another, the F-35 will become such a widespread aircraft in NATO that there will certainly be some tiger group that will have it supplied".

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