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Moscow is betting on planes made in Russia

"Rosaviatsia" communicates: 50% of fleets produced internally by 2030

Moscow's Ministry of Transport has announced that the share of planes produced by domestic companies and present in the fleets of Russian companies could reach at least 50% by 2030. This is what emerges from the draft of the 2024 budget law and from the economic planning document for the period 2025-2026. Meanwhile, the national airline Aeroflot continues negotiations to pay off debts and contracts with foreign aircraft lessors.

The goal is to "meet the needs of domestic air transport through Russian-made vehicles", reports "Rosaviatsia", the federal air transport agency, which cites a State document that defines the development plan of the aviation sector.

The plan specifies that 20% of the fleets will be made up of domestically manufactured aircraft in 2025 (from 14% in 2022), rising to 22% in 2026. In this regard, Aeroflot announces that it has terminated a leasing contract for 16 airplanes with the Irish company Smbc Aviation. As regards helicopters, however, the presence of rotary-wing aircraft Made in Moscow will be 88.4% in 2025 (it was 87.5% in 2022) and will rise to 88.5% in 2026.

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