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USA: 3.5 millions for Police helicopters

Cleveland City Council approves maintenance funds

The Cleveland City Council recently approved an investment of 3.5 million dollars to bring two Police department helicopters back into the sky. This is an initiative that comes after months and months in which the Police fleet was grounded for maintenance.

Up until now "we've had to rely on other departments. We need our helicopters here in Cleveland. I don't have specific dates, but I know that these aircraft "have put back in place. The overhaul is complete, from what I understand. It was almost like stripping them to the bone and doing them all over again", said City Council President Blaine Griffin.

The recent approval represents the city council's second attempt to fix Police helicopters. Already in March 2022 it had approved funds for maintenance, but the repairs were never carried out because the chosen company had gone bankrupt. Soon the fleet of aircraft will return to the skies of Cleveland.

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