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Taiwan: helicopters and airplanes fly above Taipei

Tests ahead of the air show scheduled for mid-October

Military planes and helicopters in flight over the past few hours over the presidential office in Taipei. These are rehearsals for the Air Force show scheduled for Taiwan's National Day, which will be held on October 10th. An event commemorating the start of the Wuchang Uprising in 1911, which led to the collapse of the Chinese imperial Qing dynasty and the founding of the republic.

The tests took place on Thursday from 6:45am to 7:15am. Involved were a Boeing CH-47SD "Chinook" transport helicopter, two Sikorsky UH-60M "Black Hawk" aircraft, and then training planes such as the 5 T-5 "Brave Eagle" and the two AT-3 "Tzu Chung" produced by the national company Aerospace Industrial Development Corporation (Aidic). In detail, the "Chinook" carried a large national flag that over the center of the capital.

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