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Russia plane crash (2): bomb hypothesis

The explosive device may have been concealed in the landing gear bay

The first hypotheses about the causes of the plane crash in which Yevgeny Prigozhin lost his life, head of the Russian mercenary group Wagner, who was travelling with nine other people, are coming to light. The explosion of a bomb on board may have caused the air accident of his private aircraft Embraer 135BJ Legacy 600 (registration RA02795).

At the moment this is the most accredited hypothesis being examined by the investigators. It was revealed by the "Telegram" social network channel called "Shot", which cites some Russian sources informed about the facts. According to this reconstruction, the bomb could have been placed in the landing gear compartment. This would be the reason why the tail of the plane was found five kilometers away from the fuselage. At the moment of the explosion, in fact, it would have torn the wing of the aircraft and caused the depressurization of the cabin, causing the immediate death of the passengers on board.

More suggestive is the hypothesis put forward by a British intelligence officer, Christopher Steele, according to him the bomb was hidden inside a box of wine given to passengers before departure. "An ironic end for a former restaurateur", was the expert's comment collected by the television station "Sky News".

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