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Ukrainian conflict: US sends more weapons

The value of this tranche of aid is equal to 200 million dollars

The US administration led by President Joe Biden will soon announce a new supply of arms to Ukraine. These are munitions, missiles and other military equipment, taken from US stocks and which can be shipped to Kiev within a few days or weeks. The value of the umpteenth tranche of aid is equal to 200 million dollars.

It was reported today by the British news agency "Reuters", which quoted US officials. With this umpteenth supply of arms to Kiev, the total value of aid to Kiev, authorized by the United States Congress through the Presidential Drawdown Authority (PDA), rises to 25.5 billion dollars.

The new aid package includes items such as mine clearance equipment, Tow and AT4 anti-tank weapons, guns and ammunition, Patriot anti-missile systems for air defense made by Lockheed Martin, Guided Multiple Launch Rocket System (GMRS) and Javelin portable rocket launchers, together to other technological equipment.

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