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Israel celebrates 75 years with air parade

Sky Show with 100 aircraft including planes, helicopters and drones

Israel celebrated the 75th anniversary of its founding with a traditional military parade held yesterday during Independence Day celebrations. The air show involved around 100 aircraft including refueling and transport aircraft, fighters, drones and combat helicopters also belonging to the air forces of Italy, the United States and Germany. 

The traditional parade was held yesterday morning. The aircraft flew over dozens of cities in the Middle Eastern country. Israeli police and firefighter planes also participated in the show in the skies. The celebrations ended yesterday afternoon.

On the day of the "Yom HaAtzmaut" celebrations, the country Tel Aviv remembered the 24,213 soldiers who died in the wars that followed in its 75-year history and another 4,255 civilians who died in attacks and other hostile actions. To prevent further tensions on the day of the celebrations, the crossings between Israel and the West Bank were closed for two days and 30,000 police officers were placed on alert.

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