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Munich Airport: strike on March 23

For six hours by airport security personnel

The Verdi union communicated that a strike could be held on 23 March at the Munich airport. The personnel employed in the security control services for passengers and hand luggage are involved in the mobilisation. The aim of the protest is to demand a better wage situation.

Abstention from work should last six hours: from 08:00am to 2:00pm. Unless the strike is averted by finding a last-minute union solution, the protest could cause disruption to airport operations and scheduling of flights: delays in data processing and possible flight disruptions are expected to continue some hours after the strike.

Passengers are advised to check the flight status before going to the airport. It is best not to check out of hotels, lodges and lodgings until the airline confirms travel. In the event of a confirmed flight, it is better to go to the airport several hours in advance, as the procedures and controls will be slowed down.

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