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Russia: Putin meets aeronautical sector

Allocated 161 million Euros for transport in the Far East, thud in the tourism sector

Russian President Vladimir Putin met with representatives of the national aviation industry in the past few hours. At the center of the meeting once again the effects of the economic sanctions inflicted by Western countries following Moscow's invasion of Ukraine. A truly difficult moment for the sector, not only among aircraft manufacturers, but also for air transport, which is on its knees after losing 96.1% of tourist flows in 2022 according to data from the Association of Russian tour operators (Actor).

"He who lives with wolves must howl like a wolf". Even if "we don't behave crudely with anyone", nevertheless "we must know how to respond in the same way". In any case, in the aeronautical sector "we have overcome the toughest moments, I hope, they are creating difficulties for us but we will continue", said Putin, quoted by "RIA Novosti", the Russian news agency.

"The transport ministry has allocated 161.6 million euros to subsidize transport in the Far East, not only for residents". It is currently impossible to raise air freight rates, but "we can't screw up companies, so we can't do without state support". Also, "the number of direct flights and modern airport hubs will increase, special attention will be paid to updating the airlines' fleet", Putin added.

The Russian president then emphasized a series of tasks on which to concentrate action: technologies, national production capacity, the development of new aircraft, the promotion of low-cost airlines. The head of state underlined that first of all it is necessary to proceed on security issues.

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