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Artemis space mission kicks off

Humanity to reconquer the Moon with lots of Italian technology -VIDEO

The Artemis-1 space mission took off this morning at 7:48 Italian time. The Space Launch System (SLS) carrier rocket of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), took off, after various postponements, from the 39B platform of the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The mission consists in the launch of the Orion capsule, which will remain in space for about 26 days, during which the first tests around the Moon will be carried out.

On board the Orion spacecraft, built by the US Lockheed Martin, there are three mannequins equipped with electronic devices and dosimeters for detecting ionizing radiation which, when you move away from the Earth, increases considerably. This will serve for future human crews of the Artemis program, who will stay in space for up to 50 days (no longer ten).

The ultimate goal of the Artemis program, which consists of a total of three missions, will be to establish a functioning base of operations on the Moon. This structure will be able to support long-duration missions in 2030 and will be the testing ground for technologies to be used on Mars. Furthermore, NASA will take the opportunity to land the first woman and the first black person on the terrestrial satellite.

A lot of Italian technology has also flown into space: from solar panels to cubesat, the mini-satellite (24x36x12 cm) that will accompany the Artemis-1 mission, remaining active for about six months, during which it will collect precious images and data on the lunar surface. An important proving ground for the conquest of the "Red Planet".

Below, the video of the launch:

Gic - 1247948

AVIONEWS - World Aeronautical Press Agency