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More than 220 chartered aircraft stranded in Russia

National carriers use airplanes of foreign companies within the national space

The analysis company Iba Aereo has estimated that at least 171 aircraft have been illegally taken from foreign leasing companies by Russian companies that continue to use them to operate domestic routes. In fact, if they not leave the domestic border, there is no risk of the aircraft being subject to seizure as soon as they land at foreign airports. 

There were at least 976 passenger and cargo aircraft operating in Russia before the war. Of these 205 were already on the local aviation registers. After the coming into force on March 14 of the new law signed by Vladimir Putin (which allows Russian airlines to self-certify leased aircrafts in use) another 360 aircraft were added to the registers, of which about 220 were still in service at the end of April.

According to Iba's calculations, the value of the fleet of 171 leased aircraft, including 73 A-320s and 64 B-737s, is about 4.5 billion dollars. All aircraft that continue to operate illegally, according to Western economic sanctions against Moscow. 

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