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CDP (2): appointments for the renewal of corporate bodies in investee companies

The list of candidates for Fincantieri, Autostrade per l'Italia, Ansaldo Energia

The board of directors of Cassa Depositi e Prestiti SpA (CDP), which met today, approved, in view of the renewal of the Board of Directors of Fincantieri SpA, on the agenda of the Shareholders' Meeting of May 16, 2022, the following list of candidates to the office of director:

1 Cristina Scocchia (*);

2 Claudio Graziano - chairman (*);

3 Pierroberto Folgiero (*) (**);

4 Alberto Dell’Acqua (*);

5 Valter Trevisani (*);

6 Alessandra Battaglia;

7 Massimo Di Carlo;

8 Esedra Chiacchella;

9 Rosanna Rossi.

(*) Candidate who has declared to possess the independence requirements pursuant to Articles 147-ter, paragraph 4, and 148, paragraph 3, of the Consolidated Law on Finance and Article 2 of the Corporate Governance Code.

(**) Candidate in possession of the specific professional skills for the position of Chief Executive Officer.
The list will be presented by Cdp Industria SpA, shareholder of Fincantieri with a participation equal to 71.32% of the share capital.

Furthermore, the following resolution proposals will be presented:

appoint Claudio Graziano as chairman of the board of directors;determine the number of directors to be appointed in ten;

the directors will remain in office for three years, expiring on the date of the meeting that will be called for the approval of the financial statements at 31 December 2024;

confirm the gross annual remuneration due to each of the directors (including the chairman) in Euro 50,000, in addition to the reimbursement of expenses incurred as a result of the appointment. 

The Board of Directors of Cdp has also approved, among other things, the following designations for the renewal of the corporate bodies of investee companies, with respect to which the required communications will be made to the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

With reference to Autostrade per l'Italia, in view of the closing of the acquisition scheduled for May 5, the board of CDP approved the following list of board members who, on the basis of the current shareholders' agreements with the Blackstone funds and Macquarie, it is up to the same to designate:

1 Elisabetta Oliveri - president

2 Roberto Tomasi - managing director

3 Massimo Romano

4 Francesca Pace

5 Roberta Battaglia

6 Fabio Massoli.

With reference to Ansaldo Energia, the following members of the board of directors:

1 Lorenza Franca Franzino - president

2 Giuseppe Marino - managing director

3 Giovanni Zetti

4 Chiara Bisagni

5 Paola Girdinio

6 Gaetano Massara

7 Fabiola Pellegrini

8 Fabio Barchiesi

9 Maurizio Dainelli.

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