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Ukrainian conflict: hit Russian military cruiser

Kiev claims missile attack on naval symbol, for Moscow it is an accident

The flagship of the Russian Navy in the Black Sea, the cruiser "Rts Moskva", has suffered serious damage and the crew had to abandon ship. It happened in the waters in front of the port of Odessa. It was reported by the Moscow-based state news agency "Tass", according to which a fire broke out on board, causing the detonation of ammunition, but the cause of the incident was not explained. Ukraine claims it was hit after a missile strike. 

"Neptune missiles caused very serious damage to the Russian ship. Glory to Ukraine. It was a surprise for the flagship of the Russian Black Sea fleet. Right now it is burning and with the stormy sea it is not known if they will be able to get help. There are 510 crewmembers", Oleksiy Arestovych, the advisor to the Ukrainian president, said yesterday. 

The cruiser "Muscovy", which is capable of conducting precise missile attacks with targets at sea and on land, was operating from the headquarters of the Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol, Crimea. It is an 11,500-ton ship commissioned by the Soviet Navy in 1982 and is one of three Slava-class cruisers (now Project 1164 Atlant) that also operate guided anti-ship and surface-to-air rockets.

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