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Ukrainian war: what remains of Mykolaiv airport

A tourist stopover and an important junction of goods and people is now in pieces

The Russian military offensive towards the south and east of Ukraine has begun. Among the operations preparatory to the attack, Moscow's army has destroyed several airports and other infrastructures to hinder supplies and reinforcements from Kiev. This is what happened to the airport of Mykolaiv, a river town near the Black Sea coast that was an important junction for the transport of goods and people, as well as a famous tourist center where several low-cost airlines operated.

The stopover was among the first to be conquered and destroyed a week after the beginning of the invasion on February 24. The Russian soldiers had managed to take control of the city, thanks to the intervention of armored vehicles. After a fierce battle, the Ukrainian army regains control of the airport on March 9. After the withdrawal of the Russian soldiers from the area around the airport, the missile attacks were intense and almost daily. So much so that, according to some testimonies, it took almost 10 days to recover the bodies of some killed Ukrainian soldiers.

When the Kiev soldiers arrived at the airport, only the skeleton of the air terminal and some pieces of the wall remained. All around were machine gun shells and tracer bullets. The railway station suffered the same fate. Instead the commercial port is still intact, even if part of the boathouses are destroyed. Now that the Russian offensive is concentrated in the east and in the south, everything could change again, for the worse.

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