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China confirms sending arms to Serbia

NATO: "An attack on democracy". Beijing: "NATO does not create chaos in Asia too"

The recent delivery of HQ-22 anti-aircraft missile systems to Serbia by China has been confirmed in these hours by the government in Beijing. The sale has fueled the suspicions of the Atlantic Alliance about a possible interference related to the Russian-Ukrainian war. The Dragon has specified that it is a simple military supply performed within the framework of a bilateral "cooperation project". In short, nothing to do with the conflict. 

However, the level of tension is high. Beijing's words do not reassure the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has declared that Beijing poses "a systemic challenge" to the national security of "democracies". The reason is that sending Chinese missile systems, according to Brussels, could fuel tensions and instability in the Balkans. 

For its part, China replied through the spokesman of the Foreign Ministry, Zhao Lijian: "NATO has already caused chaos in Europe", starting from Ukraine, and now "do not try to do it in Asia or in the world. Beijing has a role as a "world peace builder", a factor in "global development and defense of the international order. We will continue the peaceful development that is an opportunity for the whole world, not a threat to anyone", he concluded. 

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