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Bulgaria buys 8 F-16 fighter planes

Washington confirms; value of deal is 512 million dollars

The government of Bulgaria will purchase from the United States 8 fourth generation F-16 Block 70 fighter aircraft, produced by the US company Lockeed Martin. It's a big blow for the American company, that continues to win contracts, after the record order from Canada that has recently purchased 88 F-35 military aircrafts. 

That of the Sofia executive is a decision that, in the midst of the war in Ukraine, can easily be interpreted as a strengthening of the eastern flank of the Atlantic Alliance. However, the acquisition is not directly linked to the armed conflict. The choice dates back to 2018, although the confirmation of the order comes in the aftermath of the discovery of the atrocities committed in the suburbs of Kiev during the withdrawal of the Russian army. 

The Pentagon clarified that the possibility that these aircraft could provide support to Ukraine is excluded. In any case, the US State Department has confirmed the Bulgarian purchase. Washington has approved the Fms (Foreign military sales) contract between the company Lockheed Martin and the Sofia government worth 512 million dollars.

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