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The man who has lived in the airport for 31 years

Bayram Tepeli, 56, has turned the Istanbul airport into his home

The French anthropologist Marc Augé defined airports as the non-place par excellence. In other words, a space lacking those emotional characteristics that make us feel at home. The French intellectual explained it as follows: the moment a passenger shows his identity card at check-in, he is recognized and disappears as a person: he is a traveller in a fast-paced world, not even a pilgrim anymore.

However there are those who live at the airport. Like 56-year-old Bayram Tepeli, who in 31 years has turned the airport in Istanbul, Turkey, into his home. This ex-cleaner first set foot in the "Atatürk" airport in the Summer of 1991, where he lived continuously until 2019. That year the airport closed and he has been living at another city airport in "Sabiha Gökçen" ever since. 

"Uncle Bayran" is not the only one who feels at home at the airport. 62-year-old Wei Jianguo also eats and sleeps at Beijing International Airport, and 39-year-old Denis Luiz de Souza has been living among the passengers in São Paulo, Brazil. Even in non-places some people feel at home.

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