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Japan announces failed test of North Korean rocket

Seoul reports it may be a Hwasong-17 missile

Japan's Defense Ministry announced today that North Korea has failed a test launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile. In recent days, the United States had warned that the regime led by North Korean leader Kim Jong-un was about to launch its first intercontinental rocket missile.

"Pyongyang fired an unknown projectile from the Sunan area around 9:30 am today (1:30 am in Italy), but it is presumed to have failed its purposes immediately after launch", South Korea's military's Joint Staff Command said in a note.

"From the signals we have it could be a Hwasong-17", reported a researcher at the South Korean Sejong Institute, Cheong Seong-chang. According to the expert, it is possible that another pair of tests will be carried out by April 15th, marking the 110th anniversary of the birth of North Korean founder and former president Kim Il-sung

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