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ITA Airways-Atitech: preliminary agreement for maintenance unit of Alitalia in extraordinary administration

In relation to the tender expiring today

In relation to the tender for the acquisition of the maintenance business unit of Alitalia under Extraordinary Administration expiring today, 14 March 2022, ITA Airways announces that it has signed a preliminary agreement with the maintenance company Atitech, for a service contract.

If the tender is awarded to Atitech, this preliminary agreement will be consolidated, in compliance with ITA Airways' governance processes, into a long-term service contract that identifies services and fares related to the activities indicated in the tender.

 The agreement is based on the general terms and conditions of the Standard Agreement (published by IATA - 2013 and 2018 Editions), with all exceptions, derogations and special conditions indicated in the applicable EU regulations.

In the event that Atitech should not be awarded the tender issued by Alitalia under Extraordinary Administration, this preliminary agreement will be terminated. In this case, ITA Airways underlines that, based on its interest in the maintenance business unit of Alitalia in Extraordinary Administration and respecting the professionalism of its workforce, it will continue to operate under the maintenance service contract already signed with Alitalia under Extraordinary Administration until its natural expiry in October, pursuing the best results in economic and service terms and in full compliance with the applicable regulatory framework.

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