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Russia abandons council of Europe

Lavrov: "No support for subversive actions taken by the West"

Russia's representation has left the meeting of the Council of Europe that is being held in these hours in Strasbourg, France. The decision was taken, they explain from the Kremlin, because of the "hostile" behavior of European countries and NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) towards Moscow. 

"The course of events "is becoming irreversible". "Russia does not intend to tolerate these subversive actions carried out by the collective West towards setting up ‘a rules-based order’ to replace international law trampled upon by the US and its satellites", writes in a note the Russian Foreign Minister Serghei Lavrov, quoted by the Russian news agency "Tass". 

The Council of Europe, founded in 1949, is an international organization whose purpose is to promote democracy, human rights, European cultural identity and the search for solutions to social problems. It includes the countries of the European Union, but also Turkey, Ukraine, Armenia and other States. 

According to Moscow, the assembled ministers "abuse their absolute majority in the Committee. Russia will not take part in the attempt to turn the oldest European organization into another place where the mantras of supremacy and narcissism of the West are exalted", Lavrov concluded.

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