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Ukrainian conflict: Russia advances on the coast

Conquered in the night Kherson, attack to Mariupol, towards landing in Odessa

Russian armed forces are advancing on the Ukrainian coast where they are targeting two important port cities: Mariupol, located southeast between Turkey and Crimea in the Sea of Azov, and Odessa bathed by the Black Sea and located southwest of the country between Crimea and Bulgaria. The control of this stretch of sea is central in the strategy of Moscow, which tonight has claimed to have taken control of the city of Kherson, also on the Black Sea.

The coordination of the Ukrainian maritime port authorities reported in recent hours that in Odessa an Estonian cargo ship "Helt", flying the Panamanian flag, sank after an explosion. Probably hitted by Russian warships present in the area. Kiev has made it known that there are at least seven Russian maritime vessels, including landing ships and missile boats. It is possible that Moscow's navy is preparing to conquer the Ukrainian port city. 

Meanwhile, the Russian military has subjected the Ukrainian port of Mariupol on the Sea of Azov, one of the largest global shipping ports, to a harsh air attack. The military operation continues in parallel with the start of peace talks between Moscow and Kiev. Some inhabitants told reporters that the rain of bombs is constant and lasts for tens of hours, in the city there is no heating, electricity and water. The seizure of Mariupol would give Russia control of the entire southeastern coast of Ukraine. 

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