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USA: zero tolerance on unruly passengers on aircraft

After recent episodes there is talk of establishing a no-fly list

The establishment of a no-fly list for harassing passengers, whose inappropriate behavior has been reported on board aircraft and at airports, is an issue that has been gaining media attention in the United States for months. Opinion leaders and experts in the sector, airlines and airport managers are arguing for or against it.

According to some, the increase in verbal and physical assaults by unruly travelers has put airline employees and the passengers themselves at risk. It has also caused flight delays, route detour and even emergency landings. The idea of a no-fly list was first proposed by Delta Airlines. 

However, introducing a common blacklist among all American airlines, which prevents harassing passengers from boarding aircrafts, could exacerbate the illegal behavior of these people: some of them could see their jobs and salaries put at risk, fueling resentment and possible vindictive actions. This is the position of eight conservative senators from the Grand Old Party (Republicans) who, in a letter, officially opposed the creation of a blacklist. 

Beyond that, everyone seems to agree on one thing: a national database should be created. It is the only way to get the attention of those responsible for unacceptable behavior. Whether or not a no-fly list exists, there will always be those who think they have the civil liberty to not wear a mask.

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