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Korea Aerospace will present new helicopters

KUH variant request pleases investors

The decision of the South Korean government to develop new variants of the Kuh military helicopter created by Korea Aerospace Industries (Kai) -in collaboration with the Ministry of Defense and the Aerospace Research Institute with the support of Airbus Helicopters- has caused the value of the manufacturer's shares to soar on the Asian stock exchanges.

The executive needs to develop new variants of these attack aircraft for use partly by the South Korean Marine Corps, and partly by the Navy for mine-clearing operations. A news that has pleased investors, according to which with the expansion of helicopter Kuh production should strengthen the order book and lead to new growth opportunities, after the decline in orders triggered by the pandemic. 

Meanwhile, after initial difficulties, production of military Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) is being normalized. On the other hand, there are still lower profit prospects for civil aircraft, for which the recovery in demand is slower than expected. The same applies to the supply of components. 

Among the most positive notes is the entry into the final stages of the development of light military Lah helicopters. This has to do with increased export potential in Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Also good is the export of fighter aircraft to the governments of Malaysia and Senegal, whose negotiations have reached their final straits. Meanwhile, total orders for Kai are expected to reach 3.1 billion Euros in 2022. 

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