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Unruly passengers (2): 250 no-mask ones reported

US data published on them in 2022

The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has released data on reports of unruly passengers on board aircraft in the first six weeks of 2022. Since January 1st, the authority received 394 complaints, 255 of which were related to the failure to wear masks. On these cases, the air regulators have launched investigations into 93 incidents, while another 40 have required the intervention of the police. 

Several doctors pointed out that in recent years, and even more so during the pandemic, they have observed a general increase in anxiety, mental health problems and substance abuse, exacerbated by being in enclosed spaces for long periods of time; these are among the causes of the record increase in reports of nuisance passengers. 

The latest case in the US was on Wednesday, when a plane bound for the city of Orlando was diverted to Raleigh-Durham airport because of a passenger who wanted to enter the cockpit. 

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