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Ukraine crisis: Russian ships towards Crimea

The military means have crossed in these hours the Strait of Sicily

A formation composed by six Russian military ships has crossed in these days the Strait of Gibraltar, the channel of Sicily and the Bosphorus Strait to reach the Crimea. The sea vessels had set sail in mid-January from Soviet military bases located in the North Sea. According to rumors reported by national media on board the ships were tanks and soldiers sent by Moscow.

"The formation is carrying out a transit in international waters and does not violate the sovereignty of the coastal states. NATO has been following the navigation of the naval group since its departure in mid-January from the ports of Severomorsk (Northern Fleet) and Baltijsk (Baltic Fleet) and will continue to monitor its transit. Neither the NATO forces nor the Russian naval formation have put in place any escalatory behavior or will", said the Italian Defense Staff.

This is the last of a series of signals related to the crisis on the Ukrainian border. Meanwhile, in recent days Moscow has launched exercises of all its military fleets globally, coinciding with the increase in tensions with the member countries of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). 

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