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South Korea: first V6 Apache AH-64E helicopter

New variant deployed by the US Army at Camp Humphreys

The US Army has deployed for the first time outside the borders of the United States some examples of the latest V6 version of the AH-64E Apache attack helicopter developed by Boeing. The aircraft are based at Camp Humphreys in South Korea. Deployment of the new rotary-wing aircraft began in November 2021, and since then 12 have been sent out of a planned total of 24. 

The AH-64E version 6 Apache is the latest planned upgrade that will replace the AH-64D attack helicopter. The V6 variant features the latest in communications, navigation and sensors. Compared to the previous version, it has undergone improvements to the cockpit, avionics suite, night vision system, target acquisition system and features the Cognitive Decision Aiding System (Cdas). 

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