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US focuses on drones and reduces soldiers

But innocent casualties rise in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan

Washington changed its military strategy in recent years. It decided to increasingly focus on armed drone strikes to reduce the deployment of American soldiers on the ground. However, since September 2014 the result is an increase in innocent casualties caused by raids conducted by remotely piloted aircraft. The initiative, launched by the administration led by the American president, Barack Obama, was aimed precisely at eliminating enemies and simultaneously reducing "collateral damage" to civilians to an absolute minimum.

This is what the US newspaper "New York Times" revealed in recent days in an investigation. From September 2014 to January 2018, the number of incidents increased significantly according to journalists, who questioned the data of the Ministry of Defense: 27% of airstrikes resulted in civilian casualties including children (1217 deaths) according to the Pentagon, but for journalists the percentage rises to 62%.

Most of these mistakes did not make it to the international media, and no one in Washington has initiated any prosecution of the perpetrators. "Even with the best technology in the world, mistakes happen", admitted US Central Command spokesman, Captain Bill Urban, "but we are trying to learn from these mistakes" and are working diligently to prevent future damage.

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