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Aircraft industry against test to fly in the UK

New restrictions due to Omicron variant could hit vacations

The Government of London has announced that from tomorrow, Tuesday December 7th, all travellers to the UK, both foreign and resident, will have to show a negative result of an covid-test done before departure. The declaration made airline executives jump out of their chairs, calling this decision a "severe blow" for the entire air passenger transport sector. However, this is a measure that has been expected for days. Last week it had been leaked that London would ask for a molecular swab on arrival and to wait for the result by remaining in isolation.

"The introduction of pre-departure testing at short notice is a blow to the business travel industry. Public safety is a priority, but businesses will fail, travelers will be stranded and lives will be devastated by the government's lack of consistent plans".That's according to Business Travel Association CEO, Clive Wratten, who represents travel agencies and companies that cater to business travel. 

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