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Clash between US and China on the island of Taiwan

A military, economic and trade alliance to counter Beijing

Following China's recent military exercises near the Taiwan Strait and due to the continuous fighter raid over the skies of the island, the US State Department said these ones could be the dress rehearsal for an invasion. This is a major policy challenge for Washington. Not only because it happens in the Western Pacific where US interest is focused, but also because that crisis invests Western alliances.

Also for China it is a decisive challenge because it means that Chinese unity is at stake, while for the United States it is a clash between life and political models: democracy against Chinese capitalism. According to the Pentagon, there is no certainty of the attack, however, overseas there is great concern because Beijing has accelerated its nuclear rearmament plan. The goal would be to create 1000 warheads by 2030 to be able to compete globally with the United States and Russia.

To face the challenge with Beijing, the US wants to create a common front with allies and partners on different levels: military, economic and trade. The goal is to accelerate all together in terms of technology, both military and civilian, to counter Chinese innovation and preserve the advantage still existing from the point of view of the power of the US armed forces. 

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