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Egypt unveils its military drone aircraft at "Edex 2021"

On the sidelines of the event meetings with Sudan and Angola for military cooperation

At the "Egypt Defence Expo", the defence exhibition that ends tomorrow in Cairo, Egypt has presented two new locally produced military drones and one co-produced by the Arab Organization for Industrialization (Egypt, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar). Meanwhile, on the sidelines of the event, government officials met with delegations from countries with which they have military cooperation agreements. 

The first remotely piloted aircraft is called Nut and is the result of collaboration with Arab countries. It is intended for tactical reconnaissance missions and thanks to the use of electro-optical technology can operate both day and night. It is an aircraft weighing 50 kilograms, equipped with an autonomy of 10 hours and a system for satellite communication. 

Two other drones on display are entirely manufactured by Egypt. The first is EJune-30 SW and is made in collaboration with the Egyptian Ministry of Military Production. It is 8.9 meters long and has a wingspan of 12 meters, a maximum takeoff weight of 1400 kilograms, a maximum speed of 260 km/h, a range of 24 hours, and a maximum altitude of 7000 meters. The second is the prototype of the Thebes-30 drone, still under development, designed to carry out Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance missions. 

Meanwhile, on the sidelines of the event, the Egyptian Minister for Military Production, Mohamed Ahmed Morsi, made it known in a note that he met with delegations from Portugal, Sudan and Angola. With the latter, they talked about joint cooperation in the field of defense and military production, while with Lisbon they discussed more generally about industry and technology. 

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