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French defense moves towards modernization

Decisive acceleration imposed by Minister of the Armed Forces Parly

The French defense sector has been strongly shaken by the advent of digital technology. However, in recent years, under the leadership of Minister of the Armed Forces Florence Parly, there has been greater openness to new technologies from both a military and civilian perspective. 

Among the main measures arranged by the minister there was a pressure on the General Directorate of the Army (DGA) to create a plan for the rapid integration of the main innovations of the civilian sector into the military one: from artificial intelligence to space surveillance, passing through hypervelocity and quantum. To achieve the goal, his department has increased to one billion euros the resources allocated in the Finance Act of 2022. 

Suffice it to say that the Defense Innovation Agency (AID) receives about 40 new projects every month. This entity is only three years old, but has played a key role in the implementation of new technologies within the Dga. The agency, through a sort of one-stop shop for ideas, has selected about 290 start-up that could offer potentially interesting technologies for the defense world. 

These ideas are then developed by an incubation lab funded through the Army's innovation fund, which is endowed with a 200 million Euros budget by the French Ministry of Defense. It's the clearest sign yet that Paris wants to strengthen the Armed Forces, aware of the sudden acceleration of technology and the impossibility of staying on long-term planning alone.

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