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Surprise in Air Europa: new general director appointed

Air carrier still awaits news on Iberia acquisition

A real earthquake. Spanish media do not mince words to describe the latest internal developments of the airline Air Europa, still struggling with the uncertainties of the acquisition by Iberia, but not only. Few would have expected a turnover, the fact is that Richard Clark has become the new general director in place of Maria Josè Hidalgo. The goal is to exercise even stronger opposition to the new CEO of Globalia, Valentin Lago, a manager literally imposed by the Iberian government after the public bailout of 475 million euros. Clark represents a man of absolute trust for Globalia, also because he is part of this Group that has been active in tourism for about 34 years. There is also an official note accompanying the managerial replacement: “We wish Richard Clark the best success in his new responsibility and look forward to your full cooperation and support in this new phase. I want to convey my gratitude to María José for the work she has done over the years, her commitment and her professionalism”. Lago is one of the most controversial figures in this whole affair. His pay immediately got argued. The amount was deemed excessive and not very adequate in comparison with the crisis that everyone is facing due to the health emergency. As for the workforce, on the other hand, the cut in paychecks was quick and almost without discussion. Lago wants to focus on an adjustment plan with temporary measures for the workforce, to be removed once demand has recovered.

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