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China would have started building new nuclear missile base

According to analysts by Federation of American Scientists

According to reports from analysts of the Fas (Federation of American Scientists), China is in the process of building a second base to "host" its nuclear missiles. Wanting to be even more precise, we are talking about a total of 250 silos (110 in the new site) for the warheads in question, an integral part of the expansion program of the former celestial empire as regards the nuclear arsenal. The same analysts would also have pinpointed the exact location. The area is not many kilometers from the city of Hami, in the province of Xinjiang: if the indiscretion were to be confirmed, then it would be the most significant expansion ever from this point of view. The base was detected after analyzing a series of satellite images that would have left no room for any doubt. The number of Chinese silos under construction far exceeds that of ICBMs that are located in the bases of Russia or the United States. Precisely these rockets from the Asian nation caused a diplomatic case with Australia last May. Canberra has been threatened with a missile attack should Taiwan become involved in Australian military bases. The rockets mentioned on that occasion by Beijing were the intermediate range ones, while the military bases monitored with greater attention were those of Darwin, Sydney and Adelaide. It was the umpteenth confirmation of the Chinese will not to give up even an inch on the issue of the island country, the beginning of a back and forth with a new "sworn enemy" decidedly unusual like Australia.

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